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Our Key Differences

Green roofs and terrace gardens

Your own slice of nature with a garden in every home. Even on the 20th floor!

Furnished homes

Your home will be fully furnished as per your taste.

Natural materials

We use select natural materials that look even better as they age.

Property management

Enjoy property management for life, with complimentary services for the first 3 years.


Before handover, your home will be thoroughly checked across 1048 different items. Any snags detected will be fully resolved before you move in.

EMachine Craft

Furniture is exclusively designed for your home and manufactured in-house.

Total Environment

Bangalore, one of Southern India's premier real-estate developers, has distinguished itself by implementing environmentally friendly and naturally sourced materials in its properties. 1997- Built by then, the came up with the vision of cantilevered patio gardens for every home. Today, the developer is focused on providing green living with huge landscaping, water bodies, and creeper-covered arches.

The company, led by professional architects from some of the best institutes in India, has a team of more than 600 people. Total Environment Bangalore Homes follows an integrated approach, ensuring that everyone - including the sales, development, and design teams - works collaboratively as a unit.

The developer is currently active in Bangalore and has offered many residential developments in the past several decades. Some of their noteworthy developments in the city include After the Rain, Magic Faraway Tree, Pursuit of a Radical Rhapsody, etc. A part of their uniqueness is the offering of various types of properties, including custom-built and inherently designed villas, condos, and apartments, to meet specific needs.

There have been a number of projects developed by Total Environment Bangalore in Bangalore, including Kanakapura Road, Yelahanka, Sarjapur Road, Devanahalli and Hennur Road. Developers combine innovative approaches, professional expertise, and the latest technological advancement to create luxurious and comfortable living options.

Our company offers top-quality living spaces located in an eco-friendly environment. As a result of its work, the company is developing spaces that offer home owners not only a perfect lifestyle but a sense of pride as well.

We believe that it is the people who work at Total Environment that make the difference. From our company builders to the customer care staff who interact with you, Total Environment values your experience. From conception to completion, we work as a united team with architecture design, structural design, and construction teams. We ensure that all aspects, including every tiny detail, are meticulously taken into consideration.

At Total Environment, we had a clear-cut goal in mind: to make homes worthy of living in. Originally it was just a simple idea, and over twenty years later we're still pursuing this vision for the future.

What do we do? Well, we let you create the home you want to live in and want to enjoy, based on the things that are important to you. And because that's the heart of who you are, we try and make a difference with it.

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Total Envrionments Homes

As a developer with over 22 years of experience, Total Environment is known for its passion and professionalism when it comes to creating world-class spaces using cutting-edge technology. Located in Bangalore, the builder has managed numerous apartment and commercial projects in an environmentally friendly manner. In addition to homes, Total Environment offers excellent property management services, including maintenance and housekeeping services, security, and a one-year warranty. There are luxury apartments, villas, commercial and corporate projects in the portfolio.

In order to provide an unsurpassed living experience, Total Environment creates spaces that are sensitively designed and inspiring. Using high-quality standards, timely project completion, and transparent policies, it strives to establish lasting relationships with customers. Kamal Sagar, the Chief Executive Officer, leads an integrated team of designers, architects, skilled workers, and professionals. The in-house construction team is capable of adopting the latest technological features and natural construction materials while maintaining the buildings' value, beauty, and aesthetics.

Homebuyers can customise their homes based on their tastes and lifestyle preferences at Total Environment. A completely new experience of home buying and homeownership has played a crucial role in changing the traditional industry perception. In 1997, the developer introduced cantilevered terrace gardens with each apartment as a first-of-its-kind innovation in residential projects worldwide. With creeper-covered pergolas, landscaping, and water bodies, the company's projects emphasize green living. With the aim of reviving Bengaluru, Total Environment promotes smart home designs. It builds ultra-luxury homes that are spacious, private, yet have access to essential amenities.

Technologies, for instance eBuild, which are the web-based programs that customise homes, and home automation systems which enable seamless interaction and convenience.

Total Environment Bangalore

Total Environment Bangalore is a majorly popular real-estate developer in Southern India. They are renowned for developing spaces that are completely furnished, highly customisable, and eco-friendly. They have been one of the first real estate developers to make use of natural-made and eco-friendly products in their housing projects. They came up way back in 1997 with the vision of cantilevered patio gardens for each home. They are highly focused on facilitating green living with massive water bodies, landscaping, and creeper-covered arches. This company with a team size of more than 600 members is being spearheaded by highly professional architects from some of the best institutes in the entire country.

They also aid in creating real estate projects that promote holistic living. The whole team of Total Environment Projects Bangalore is indulged in following an integrated approach, wherein, everyone works in a collaborative environment including the design, development, and sales teams. These real estate developers are particularly active in the garden city of Bangalore. They are also equipped in facilitating a massive array of premier projects for decades. Some of the residential projects that are serving quality living to people in the city areTotal Environment The Magic Faraway Tree, Total Environment Workcations, Total Environment Windmills of Your Mind, Total Environment Learning to Fly, After the Rain Total Environment, and Total Environment Pursuit of a Radical Rhapsody.

These residential real estate projects are renowned for serving a plethora of choices that comprise intrinsically and custom-made villas, condos & apartments, based on the specifics of consumers. Total Environment Bangalore has been actively indulged in developing real estate projects in prime areas in Bangalore, for instance, Sarjapur Road, Yelahanka, Kanakapura Road, Hennur Road, and Devanahalli. The cost of most of the projects is between INR 1.17 crore to INR 4.25 crore. These real estate developers are aimed at serving highly comfortable and luxurious living options by combining their professional expertise, out-of-the-box innovative approaches, and the latest technological advancement, with the vision of living in harmony with nature.

Total Environment Homes Bangalore real estate developer is renowned for developing spaces that facilitate unparalleled living in an environmental-friendly vicinity. This company has been developing spaces that are facilitating not just a perfect lifestyle for homeowners but also serving them with a sense of pride.

Total Environment Homes Bangalore Location

The IT blast of Bangalore has catalyzed the development of the real estate property area in the district. This in turn makes it much simpler contrary to any time in recent memory to claim a home. As there is a massive demand for land in the IT or ITes part, the city of Bangalore gloats on dependability and solid macroeconomic elements.

On the other hand, financial specialists are looking for a steady market with a long-haul skyline and Bengaluru serves a plethora of appealing choices. Independent units are the greater parts of these private center points with pleasantries, such as schools, universities, parks, and emergency clinics, cafes, and retail outlets.

The best place to opt for investing in the city of Bangalore territories such as Hennur Road, Yelahanka, Kanakapura Road, Devanahalli, and Sarjapur Road on the edges of the city is developing at a very rapid pace as far as network and framework. Additionally, these areas have witnessed the most thankfulness and noteworthy interest for private property, especially in the form of Total Environment Villas for Sale.

The city of Bangalore is exceptional for the general population who are seeking a steady market and who are having an expectation of contributing as long as it would be possible. There is barely any territory that has witnessed massive value climbs due to the restraining infrastructure of a couple of rumored land real estate developers.

Reasons why should you Opt to Invest in Total Environment Villas for Sale in Bangalore

The IT business is consistently the most crucial driver for the private segment. The reason behind this is that it brings around significant additional cash among the working class of the city, the increased mechanical blend of the city of Bangalore, a massive bunch of world-class information tech, and a solid assembling base.

One of the most significant attributes that are impelling land development is the swelling of assembling centers (in and around Bommasandra, Peenya, and Malleshwara), SEZs, and IT parks (Marathahalli and Hebbal) over the city.

With such a massive range of favorable benefits and circumstances, it would be safe to say that putting resources into the edges of the city of Bangalore is an incredible thought, regardless of whether you are a first-time home buyer.

There has been an extension in the quantity of top-of-the-line private tasks that are mushrooming crosswise over pieces of the city, especially in an around the region of Whitefield. Tasks by highly prestigious universal and national planners along with originators are being prepared for the top-of-the-line living-in pads that are available to be purchased in the city of Bangalore.

The city of Bangalore has consistently been popular in the form of a safe house for understudies, with some of the broadly positioned instructive foundations in the city. It has combined ample openings for work in the IT business. Apart from this, it has prompted an unflattering interest in available lofts that are to be bought in the city, especially in the territories of Whitefield, Electronic City, the ORR passage, and a couple of areas in North Bangalore.

About Total Environment Builder in Bangalore

Over the years, Total Environment has added more than four million square feet to over a thousand clients across dozens of projects in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune. While those figures demonstrate our scale of operations and our ability to steer contemporary housing, they only tell part of the story. What drives and inspires us is a love of design and the satisfaction of providing people with a place to call home. Regardless of the task at hand, our commitment to additional design questions and practices will always come first.

Here's to making the places we travel more beautiful, the experiences we have more enjoyable, and the foods and beverages we consume and drink more delicious. Here's to the passion that allows us to listen to music and be inspired to design a significantly new space. Here's to that inner voice that says, "We will do even better." Whether it's a house, a resort, or extremely good food and craft beer, you can expect it to be sensitively designed, completely private, and completely unique. Because we don't let conventions influence us, conveniences deceive us, or commerce define us. Instead, inspiration, purpose, and integrity guide the way. We stay because of our passions and hope to ignite yours.

Principles of Culture and Leadership Successful and less successful humans no longer differ significantly in their abilities, but in their determination to achieve their potential. Total Environment inspires leaders to shatter glass ceilings and refuse to accept mediocrity. Our leaders hold themselves to the highest standards in the international and constantly lead by way of example. Our primary currency is our zeal. It fuels our never-ending search for the extraordinary and inspires us to dive deep into each project we seek out and accept. We prefer meticulousness to mediocrity and constantly lead by example.

The Entire Environment Bangalore, a well-known real-estate developer in Southern India, is well-known for developing areas that are eco-friendly, highly customizable, and completely furnished. They were among the first home builders to use environmentally friendly and natural-made materials in their construction projects. Back in 1997, they came up with the concept of cantilever patio gardens for every house. The developer intends to provide inexperienced housing with extensive landscaping, water bodies, and creeper-protected arches.

With over 600 members, the organisation is being led by using expert architects from a number of India's top institutes, who are assisting in the development of initiatives that promote holistic living.

Total Environment Bangalore Homes follows an integrated strategy in which everyone - together with the design, development, and revenue teams - works in a collaborative environment. For decades, the developer has been particularly active within the lawn town of Bangalore, imparting the most efficient initiatives. Some of their initiatives that provide exceptional housing to people within the city include After the Rain, Magic Faraway Tree, Pursuit of a Radical Rhapsody, and others.

These initiatives are recognised for providing a variety of options, including personalised and intrinsically designed villas, condos, and apartments based on consumer preferences. Total Environment Bangalore has been actively growing initiatives in the city's most important areas, including Kanakapura Road, Yelahanka, Sarjapur Road, Devanahalli, and Hennur Road. Most of their initiatives cost between INR 1.17 crore and INR 4.25 crore. The developer desires to provide high-priced and comfortable dwelling options by combining their cutting-edge revolutionary approaches, expert understanding, and modern-day technological advancement, with the imaginative and prescient of dwelling in harmony with nature.

Bangalore's IT boom has catalysed the development of the district's assets, making it easier than at any time in recent memory to assert a home. The city boasts of strong macroeconomic factors and dependability, with the IT/ITeS component riding land demand. However, for financial professionals looking for a consistent market with a long haul skyline, Bengaluru has several appealing options. The majority of these non-public middle factors are neutral items with amenities, such as parks, emergency clinics, colleges and universities, retail outlets, and caf├ęs.

Why Invest in Total Environment Bangalore?

The IT industry continues to be a vital driving force for the personal sector, bringing in large sums of money from the city's running elite. Bangalore's greater mechanical blend, strong manufacturing base, and a large number of world-class statistics technology. The expansion of manufacturing centres (in and around Peenya, Bommasandra, and Malleshwara), IT parks (Hebbal and Marathahalli), and SEZs throughout the city is one of the most significant factors driving land development. With such a wide range of advantages and advantages, it's safe to say that investing in Bangalore's outskirts is a fantastic concept, regardless of whether or not you're a first-time domestic buyer.

There has been an increase in the number of high-level personal responsibilities sprouting across the city, particularly in and around Whitefield. Projects by prestigious nationwide and popular planners and originators are preparing for the pinnacle of the road dwelling in pads to be had in Bangalore. Bangalore has long been regarded as a safe haven for students, thanks to the city's numerous educational institutions. This, combined with ample job opportunities in the IT industry, has resulted in a consistent demand for lofts for sale in Bangalore, particularly in the territories of Electronic City, Whitefield, the ORR passage, and numerous areas in North Bangalore.

In what way is Total Environment so popular?

Because of its proximity and services, this mission is an excellent investment. Located in Bangalore's IT hub, Whitefield, this mission provides easy access to all of the services required to live a high-priced lifestyle. This location could also result in a profitable return on the condominium property. This asset has been in high demand for a variety of reasons. Pursuit of a Radical Rhapsody provides a completely unique experience by combining nature-based total recovery techniques with ultra-modern-day architecture. This condominium complex has a number of facilities and centres. Whitefield's Total Environment Builder provides comfortable, low-cost housing in the heart of Bangalore. Their project's extraordinarily superior generation and round-the-clock security make it extremely desirable.

Total Environment Bangalore is renowned for its eco-friendly, fully-furnished, and highly customizable properties. A leader in the use of eco-friendly and natural products in housing projects, they have built homes that are environmentally friendly and made from natural materials. It was back in 1997 that the idea of a cantilevered patio garden for every home got conceived. The developer is focused on providing green living with a huge landscape, water bodies, and creeper-covered arches.

With 600 team members and team leaders that come from some of the best schools in the country, the company builds living spaces and tries to focus on holistic lifestyles. Every employee, from designers to contractors, works together for the customer and aims for success.

The developer is highly involved in Bangalore, building prime projects in the area for more than four decades. Among their contributions in the city are After the Rain, Magic Faraway Tree, and Pursuit of a Radical Rhapsody. These projects typically provide several options for consumers including customized villas, condos, and apartments based on one's requirements.

In Bangalore, Total Environment Bangalore has developed projects around Kanakapura Road, Yelahanka, Sarjapur Road, Devanahalli, and Hennur Road. Most of these projects cost between INR 1.17 crore to INR 4.25 crore. Through the combination of innovative approaches, professional expertise, and the latest technological advancement, the developer aims to provide luxurious and comfortable living options.

The company known as Total Environment Bangalore Projects is highly recognized for building living spaces that exceed what one could experience elsewhere with unmatched lifestyle benefits. In addition, these homes also provide home owners with a sense of pride.

Total Environment FAQS

1. What is environmentally-friendly housing?
It is a type of housing that is designed and built with materials and techniques that have minimal impact on the environment, and often incorporates features such as energy-efficient appliances and systems, solar panels, and rainwater harvesting systems.

2. What are the benefits of environmentally-friendly housing?
The benefits of environmentally-friendly housing include reducing energy consumption and costs, reducing water usage and waste, and promoting a healthier living environment.

3. Are there any financial incentives for building or purchasing environmentally-friendly housing?
Many governments offer financial incentives for building or purchasing environmentally-friendly housing, such as tax credits or rebates for the installation of solar panels or other energy-efficient upgrades.

4. Is environmentally-friendly housing more expensive than traditional housing?
The cost of environmentally-friendly housing can vary depending on the specific features and materials used, but in general, it may cost more to construct initially but can help save money in the long run.

5. How can I learn more about environmentally-friendly housing?
You can research online for more information about environmentally-friendly housing and find resources on home building and renovation, such as the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star program and the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.

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Bangalore is now one of India's top A-tier cities, known for being a forward-thinking and refined metropolis. It is one of the most sought-after cities in India because it is ideal for a career, business, and settling down. People prefer this megacity because it provides numerous advantages. Bangalore is a smart and cosmopolitan city with vibrancy all around, as well as a city with excellent weather. The city is known as the Garden City of India because of its abundance of greenery and water bodies.

Bangalore is also known as the Silicon Valley of India because it is one of the most popular locations for global IT setups and local startups. IT, manufacturing, and other foreign and domestic businesses frequently prefer to set up shop here. IT parks, business zones, manufacturing hubs, and SEZs are rapidly expanding. These are home to the top IT multinationals, domestic IT, and other leading enterprises. Many small and medium-sized businesses find their way to this brilliant city to launch their ventures. These generate a large number of job opportunities, which act as a catalyst and attract a large number of people from across the country.

Bangalore is also an ideal place for many people from across the country because they can truly raise their standard of living. The city has an unending desire to transform itself with avant-garde and classy options. It is constantly being updated and expanding its horizons to the city's outskirts and suburbs in order to accommodate everyone. It has indeed become a smart city, with significant advancements in the physical, social, and retail frameworks, civic amenities, and excellent road and metro networks that perfectly connect to various parts of the city. Bangalore has the best educational institutions, shopping malls and arcades, reputable retail brands, well-known food outlets, best salons and spas, best hospitals and medical care, banks, cinemas, multi-entertainment venues, and so on.

Bangalore has also seen a surge in real estate activity. When it comes to the rise in demand for real estate and people purchasing properties, the city ranks first among its Indian counterparts. Commercial and residential projects are plentiful here, with some premium projects delivered by some of the best realtors. Apartments, villas, and plots are available in complexes and townships in both the budget and luxury housing segments. There are ultramodern homes with cutting-edge architecture, fixtures and fittings, and spaces with unique and varied sizes, configurations, and layouts.These are housed in massive complexes that are topped with select amenities, features, and plenty of open spaces, greenery, and nature, as well as many other facilities located on the outskirts. These are in well-established or rapidly growing areas. The abodes have reasonable prices designed for residences for the dwellers' sublime living.

Bangalore creates the right buzz among its residents with all of its elaborate options required for community sustenance. It is one of India's most fashionable, popular, and energetic cities, with numerous career opportunities and high living standards that pamper its residents holistically.

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Total Environment Blog

Total Environment

Total Environment is a real estate developer based in Bangalore, India known for building luxury homes and apartments with a focus on sustainable design and construction. Some key points about their homes include:

Use of sustainable materials and technologies such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and waste management systems
Attention to detail in design and finishes, with a focus on natural light, open spaces, and greenery
Amenities and facilities such as fitness centers, swimming pools, and community spaces
Location in prime areas of the city, often with access to parks and other green spaces
Emphasis on creating a sense of community among residents.
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